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one of a kind 1 - bead crochet & micro macrame
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Bead Crochet & Micro Macrame Artisan Jewelry
Green Turquoise Crochet Neckpiece II
Occasionally I take a jaunt into a different technique. I played around bead crochet, tried bead crochet ropes, but found them to require too much time loading beads, plus I like the fiber to show. In April I took a class with Julie Goodenough - Read the blog entry about the class. Since then I added single bead crochet to my repertory. Of course I had to personalize the single bead crochet multiple cords with knotting and cordmaking. This piece evokes a fisherman pulling his net full of turquoise from the bottom of the sea.

30mm Chinese turquoise donut. Green Chinese turquoise nuggets. Jade rings and toggles. Nylon cord.
Length: 17 inches when worn with extender removed
26 to 34 inches long with adjustable extender

Green Crochet Neckpiece II
Sold - private collection
Crochet Neckpieces Crochet Neckpieces

This series got started with turquoise nugget beads...

other colors

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