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My jewelry is made with materials chosen for their beauty and wearability, and of course with thread, mainly nylon and silk. I have been very fortunate to consult for some of the new nylon colors on the market - so some of the colors available now are colors I used to dream about. It is so much fun; the wider choice of hues and tones have given my collection new design possibilities. As to metals, I am highly allergic to nickel, so all my jewelry is nickel-free. See the list of materials below and please note all materials on the gallery are listed to the best of my knowledge and the knowledge of my suppliers. ` Marion

bonded nylon - Great for its strength, easy care and resistance to stains. Originally designed for handstitching upholstery. Continuous nylon filaments plied together and bonded.

silk - Japanese embroidery silk, Italian Soie Crystale, and hand dyed Chinese bombyx silk are used mostly for one of a kind pieces, in areas protected from wear or direct contact with the skin. Silk is more delicate than nylon as body oils are harder to remove without a commercial detergent. Syntrapol is the recommended detergent to remove oils from silk.

findings - Mostly sterling silver either manufactured or hand fabricated by Marion. For earrings: sterling silver posts with nickel-free friction back, handmade soldered ear wire, or sterling silver and gold filled lever backs.

gemstones and beads - Mostly semi-precious natural gemstones chosen for their inherent natural beauty, although occasionally man made material and/or enhanced natural materials. Some of the gemstone shapes are designed by Marion and cut to her specifications. Variations occur naturally between pieces, but all gemstones are carefully selected.

others - Bone and black horn, secondary products of the water buffalos that used to thrown away. Leather. Copper wire.

jewelry care - Store in acid-free material. Prevent exposure to sunlight and dust. Wash in lukewarm water with mild soap or shampoo. Do not soak in water. Rinse well and dry flat on towel after blotting. Metal parts: prior to washing, clean any sterling silver or metal parts using a rouge cloth (toothpaste-ok). Protect fiber while cleaning metal.

repairs - Marion stand behind her creations, if you have any concern about a particular piece of jewelry, please contact Marion.

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