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Artisan micro macrame rings
Bead Edge Rings - Assymetrical Series
Many of my pieces feature bead edging around a donut or pie. When I first started using this technique for earrings I tried to go full circle around the gemstone, and missed the gemstone I had just fully covered. My pieces now often feature a partial covering and bead edging; how much is determined piece by piece to enhance the gemstones and the complete finished design.
Made with a sturdy silver shank, a round gemstone donut and beads. Knotted with nylon thread. Some rings in this series have all the same beads on the edge, others have beads with a color shifts and some have a double platform.
Circle donuts are 20mm or 25mm/dia.

Golden Jasper + Lapis + Faceted Citrine
shown on right - 25 mm dia.
Ring Size
Lapis-Amazonite Composite + Amazonite + Hematite
shown on left - 25 mm dia.
Ring Size
Lapis + Transluscent Agate + Pearl + Hematite
shown in center - 20 mm dia.
Ring Size

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