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micro macrame rings
Rose Cross Rings - Wrapped Series
Started with the idea of a wrapped gift, but after I made a few of these rings I realized that I was looking at a symbol. After a quick research for universal symbols, sure enough, it turns out that it is the Rose Cross found in heraldic images in the Languedoc and used by the Rosicrucian, the Orthodox Church and others. My favorite interpretation of this symbol is the marriage of the eternal male and female.
Made with a sturdy silver shank, a rounded black horn square platform, a gemstone donut or pie and beads. Knotted with nylon thread.
Square platform 22mm wide.
Circle donut 20 mm in diameter.

Snowflake Obsidian + Clear Quartz + Hematite
shown on right
Ring Size
Golden Bronzite + Citrine + Gold Filled Beads
shown on left
Ring Size
Ocean Jasper (unique) + Carnelian + Hematite
shown in center only 1 more available
Ring Size

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