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Artisan micro macrame rings
Cabochon Rings - One of a Kind
The gemstones are set with a bezel made of knots held by a wire armature. The ring on the left features a Charoite from Russia. It has a gorgeous lavender color with swirling patterns of interlocking crystals. This stone has chatoyant streaks throughout. The ring on the right has an Eilat, a secondary by-product from the copper mines in Israel near the Red Sea. This green mineral is composed of azurite, malachite, turquoise, and chrysocolla.
Gemstone cabochon set in a knotted nylon thread bezel with copper armatures. Mounted on a sturdy silver shank.
Charoite - 22mm by 28mm Ring Size 6
Eilat - 25mm by 32mm Ring Size 7

Charoite Cabochon Ring
shown on left
Ring Size

Micro Macrame Ring

Eilat Cabochon Ring
shown on right
Ring Size
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