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Cavandoli & Micro Macrame Artisan Jewelry
Fossilized Coral Medallion

A 'Leaves and Flower' design over a fossilized coral cabochon. The colors are subtle, soft grey's, gold and creams. The pattern of the coral are like soft flowers. The surface of the cabochon has a beautiful luster...

I bought a large number of fossilized coral cabochon from a friend of mine, a stone dealer who gave me the pick of some of the best fossilized corals he had out of an large order he was supplying a jewelry manufacturer. His wife got first pick, I got second pick... Anyway it makes for beautiful gemstones.

Medallion: 1 5/8 inches by 2 5/8 inches . Fossilized Coral. Silk filament thread and nylon cord. Copper armatures. Leather lining.
Cord size: 29.5 inches long with a sterling silver clasp - can be shortened, just request at checkout.

Fossilized Coral Medallion
Sorry, sold - private collection
Micro Macrame Brooch Free Form Micro Macrame Medallion Micro Macrame Brooch
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