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one of a kind 10 - kumihimo braided neckpiece
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Kumihimo & Micro Macrame Artisan Jewelry
White Turquoise Braided Neckpiece II

These kumihimo neckpiece have an interesting story. I had made an earlier version with knotted Chinese button for the clasps, it limited the size to one neck size, often the wrong size for an interested collector. Regardless all the pieces sold. This series got a re-design with a special order - read the blog entry.

The 'White Turquoise' chunks are turquoise in the making, not fully formed turquoise with lots of matrix, so a bunch of rocks from China. I bought a number of strands of this material, extracted the good pieces and put the rest of the stones in a flower arrangement. I ended up with enough stones for 4 pieces. The grey palette is quite sophisticated with many variations of greys used in the braiding. This piece was sold in August. Number 1 piece of this series was fairly neutral grey with whiter turquoise. This one, #2 got all the greener pieces. #3 with the bluer pieces sold on October 4th and I am working on the final piece. This one has nore olives in the 'White Turquoise'chunks... I will post it soon.

'White turquoise' chunks. Black onyx rings and toggles. Nylon cord.
17 to 19 inch neck size

White Turquoise Braided Neckpiece
Sorry, sold - private collection
Kumihimo Braided Neckpiece Micro Macrame Brooch Free Form Micro Macrame Medallion
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